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1 Dr Lányi Erzsébet, egyetemi docens írása a vályogfalról
2 The writing of Veronika Holczer, the researcher architect
3 Writing of Kálmán Gyenes, certified architect, about adobe house
4 Architect Catherine Mathe’s article


"Earlier we lived in a brick house and after a few months experience the adobe house is incomparably better. The climate is better and in winter the heating cost was half of the previous period, notwithstanding, we kept the 22 degrees Celsius."

László Asztalos, Tápióbicske

Which feature of the adobe house do you like the most?

The walls breath together with You

In winter it is warm, in summer it is cool

They protect you from harmful radiation

They are 100% natural

They can also be greatly combined with modern basic materials