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Let me introduce myself

„I believe that if the people live very close to the nature and it can be seen also in the basic material of their homes, they can live a healthier, longer and a fuller life."

Welcome to the newly discovered world of natural home and the adobe wall! You are thinking about the material from which to build your future home? If your family’s health ifs important to you, if you would like to spend less on heating, do not think about it any longer. You have found the building material!

Please read the interview:

Reporter: Have you got any memories about the things that lead you to your present life, job?

J.G. (János Gáspár): The origin of my occupation goes back to my childhood. We lived in my grandparents’ house till I was fifteen. I was about 12 years old, when my parents began building a brick house, which was fashionable at that time. If I recall, as a child, I usually found it very difficult that in winter mornings, when we woke up, it was very cold in the brick house and in summer we could hardly sleep because of the heat. We even used evaporator to counterweight the dry air. In the case of my grandparents’ adobe house three were no such problems because the house had 60 cm mud wall and it, contrary to the brick wall, keeps the hear excellently in winter and in summer provides pleasant cool air, cheap, sustainable and energy saving. I decided at that time, that if I have my own house, it will be built from mud-wall, adobe and natural materials.

Reporter: Where have you learned from this almost forgotten trade?

JG: At the age of 22 I bought to myself a piece of land an there I faced the fact that the adobe constructing technology was dying out and I could not find such an expert, who could use of that technology. Because of that I had to postpone the construction for 1 year, but it was worth to wait because fortune eventually joined me. I got to know uncle Toni in connection with a horse fair with whom I was talking about my problems concerning the construction of an adobe house and it became evident, that he had been a wall builder for 40 years, and even his father did that trade. Although this Uncle was at that time already 70 years old, he had very good health and offered to me his help. He invited from his old wall building team 3 people, who were also about 70 but remembered excellently the mysteries of the adobe house, the catches of the traditional folk architecture. They showed me how to carry out the construction and of course we, full of youthful physique, helped them.

Reporter: How can you see the reaction of the people to constructing mud walls?

JG: The rethinking of the forgotten technology elicited interest from a lot of people because nowadays the construction from natural and cheap materials (adobe, rammed wall, mud wall) live its renaissance. Concerning its cost and eco-friendly property it is a very economical and sustainable construction. It can be built almost from those materials, which can be found at home and in the surroundings. The raw materials are namely the clay, straw and water. Although a generation has missed, but what is good, remains good for ever and it also became evident now. Trying again constructing adobe walls and seeing the great interest we began constructing mud walls together with uncle Tóni in summer time. In this way I have learned the characteristics of the folk architecture, tricks, course, and uncle Tóni was happy to see my progress, saying: “Someone can take on this craft„.

Reporter: What are the main steps of creating mud walls and constructing adobe house?

JG: The processes of the work are basically the following:

1. Complete ordinary concrete base + insulation.

2. Clay preparation by using traditional work processes.

3. After a day’s rest can begin the construction of the walls.

4. The now familiar height, 2.5 – 2.7 m is constructed in a 3 row way and is ready about 1 month later due to the drying. There can be put concrete rim or mud beam on the wall.

5. The roof structure may be any kind.

6. The surface preparation can be plastered with mud or lime. 7. Other finishings are according to the latest technologies.

Reporter: Who can benefit from this newly discovered method of construction?

JG: I am looking forward to get in contact with such families, who want to build a new house, renovate a house or expanding it, who instead of the unsuccessful modern technologies come back to the materials which have proved to be proven during thousands of years. It is interesting to mention that during the highway construction 7 -8 thousand year old wattle and daub house wall remains were found across the country. We can be absolutely sure that if this way of construction had not been well invented, it would have been forgotten long ago. Will anyone remember in a few years the silicate, the nikecell and the plastic building blocks?


"We are very satisfied with our adobe house in all respects. I am happy that we have chosen adobe, it was a good decision. Thanks to Janos Gaspar for the professional work. I can recommend it to everybody!"

Mihály Ferenczi, Jászberény

The walls breath together with You

In winter it is warm, in summer it is cool

They protect you from harmful radiation

They are 100% natural

They can also be greatly combined with modern basic materials